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Financial Potential
YFC Banquet and Comedy Cafe Guide
Welcome to your Guide To A Successful YFC Comedy Cafe
This material is the best Comedy Cafe prep guide I know of. Mike Williams not
only has material that works, he has a brain that works and a heart of gold.

Use it and be blessed! -Ken Davis

WOW! Every YFC Director needs to read this! -Gary Grecco, YFC Director, Hampstead, MD

Mike Williams is an expert on creating a mission-focused Comedy Cafe' that focuses on engaging donors. His genuine heart to serve and equip others is evident through the "tips" he provides here . . . use them. -Mike McAuliff, Executive Director - Metro Atlanta YFC

Mike understands YFC and the purpose of our banquets and comedy clubs (to raise money), and most importantly he loves God and his kids who we serve.  Mike was one of our best banquet fund-raising speakers
we’ve ever had.  He not only delivered for us that evening, but his fund-raising coaching advice prior to the event
was crucial to our success. -Brian Muchmore, Seattle Metro YFC.


This guide will prepare you to host a truly profitable Comedy Cafe. Anyone can do a Comedy Cafe, but can you reach your full financial potential? Ask yourself this question. Am I averaging 500 dollars from every attender? With a little work you will see your funding dollars increase and your stress decrease. Success is simple... failure is frustrating, time consuming, and discouraging.

The information provided has been used all over the country by many non-profit para-church organizations. This guide has been simplified and especially formatted for use in the YFC arena. This information works equally as well for your next banquet. We have chosen to keep this website in block form so you can easily print it for your Comedy Cafe production team.

Dear YFC Director or Staff Member,
In 2001 I received a call from one of America's most esteemed Christian NPO's and began to raise money for their related events all over the country. I now personally average  over 70 comedy based fundraisers a year. My life story is that of rescue, my family history is that of YFC. A few months ago Greg Rounds, Southeastern YFC Regional Director came to visit me at a Comedy Cafe. He encouraged me to take my knowledge to help the YFC Directors raise greater dollar amounts at their own Comedy Cafes. That request was an honor. This guide will help you learn what I have learned in literally hundreds of comedy fundraising events, and the subsequent raising of millions of dollars. This is my gift to your organization. I love you guys. Keep saving the next generation.  -Mike Williams

Can we get really real?

If you are not bringing in $500 for every person in your room ($700 in TX, or AK), you are not reaching your potential. The problem is in the fact that many are unable to get over repeated mistakes. They say that insanity is doing the same things the same way and expecting different results. If a consulting group was to look at your banquet or comedy club, would you be judged insane? OUCH! Was that too much for you? Then this informative guide will be also be too much, please click back to a YouTube video of cats playing and continue getting the same results. For those of you who are the YFC leaders of the pioneering spirit that I know and love, get ready to improve your income. This website will give you the following and much more...

  Three "MISTAKES" most Comedy Fundraising events make that loose them money

How to Double your banquet fundraising income in 24 months

We will even give you a pre-written Director's speech outline!

So follow the numbered tabs and read carefully. Pass this information along to everyone involved in your Comedy Cafe or Fundraising banquet. Fundraising is an art, now you can paint by number.

Please continue to tab #2.
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